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Proyecto #802056: Translator/Junior Project Manager


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Información del proyecto

We are one of the best online translation agencies that provide professional translation services to a large local and foreign customer base.
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28/07/2017 11:42
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Finalizado (12/08/2017 09:45)
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Dear Candidates;

We are currently searching for a Translator/ Junior Project Manager to join our team for long term bases; The successful candidate will provide first-line services to our clients. The role will requirethe Project Manager to liaise and communicate with clients and employees as well as third parties or freelancers on a wide range of project related issues. The role allows for the right candidate to work remotely;

Responsibilities will include:


- Lead production division and logistics

 - Lead a team of min 2 JPMs who execute production

 - Coordinate with other divisions

 - Create reports, meet target numbers personally and with division

 -Hire, retain and manage production teams including PMs, Engineers, technical staff, logistics managers, translators and more (in cooperation with HR) 

-Act as primary point of contact internally and externally for all production. 

-Responsible for creating scalable processes for efficient and successful production. 

-Manage production calendar and resource allocation (people and sourcing) 

-Maintain and document communication with external resources.

 - Maintain and develop QA strategies and implement them with QA Division

  • Manage projects from beginning to end including budget, negotiating with freelance translators and proofreaders, ensure deadlines are met or exceeded and signing off on completed project
  • Review job specification to make sure product meets client needs
  • Proofread final product and at various stages of process to ensure quality and accuracy
  • Prepare and complete client-billing files to open and close projects and invoice client
  • Implement current, and create new, quality assurance measures
  • Translation or Editing / Proofreading or Interpreting of work of third parties
  • Any other service that might be needed to support the firm
  • Interact with clients, coordinate new tasks independently until invoicing
  • Interact with accounting or supervisor to prepare reports, invoices, etc.
  • Interact with Sales to thrive new business
  • Translate, edit, proofread documents
  • All other tasks assigned by the Client


  • Translation proficiency
  • Native Francais
  • Superior written and spoken communication skills
  • Years of management experience
  • Fluency in English
  • Bachelors degree or its equivalent
  • Experience with a translation or localization company a plus
  • The ability to prioritize and manage multiple tasks
  • Strong computer skills and the desire to learn more
  • Most importantly you must be willing to learn new things, be open to challenges and thrive on success
  • Intimate knowledge of the translation/localization industry
  • Proven prospecting success and ability to manage client expectations

If you already submitted your application, please just send us an email confirming your interest in this position. Thank you.


Condiciones de pago

Hasta 350,00 USD
Forma de pago:
Definida en la descripción
Métodos de pago:
  • A convenir

Condiciones de entrega

Tiempo de entrega:
30 días corridos
Métodos de entrega:
  • Definidos en la descripción


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