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Proyecto #841103: Senior Staff Manager


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English Speaking Requirement
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Fecha de publicación:
05/05/2018 03:12
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Finalizado (19/05/2018 03:12)
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Descripción detallada:

Brand Dinero is currently looking for a really committed, responsible person with great leadership skills and an excellent English level to work as a senior staff manager. In this type of position you would be in charge of making sure that adequate staff is working (at a fast pace) and that there are adequate numbers of ‘standby staff’ that can come in to help in any sort of event; finding ‘missing’ staff when a shift starts and a resource is not online, being on top of missing staff whenever they were working and then went offline; reporting the number of people absent without official leave and tracking the time a rep has been away from their duty station each week. As a senior staff manager you will also act as first-line telephony systems support, assisting reps with connection issues, etc. and escalating to Tech Department, if major issues exist.
Our staff works from home and they are located all over the country. The only things you need in order to work with us are: a proper headset, quiet work environment, and a good internet connection.

Salary: 19.200.000 Bs.

These are full-time positions with a fixed schedule from Mondays to Saturdays. We pay very well, and we also give ample opportunities to advance in our company as well.

Once you click on the LINK to apply we are going to be in touch with you, you will receive a contact email with the instructions to continue the process.

Condiciones de pago

Hasta 19.200.000,00 VEF (1.928.784,58 USD)
Forma de pago:
Definida en la descripción
Métodos de pago:
  • A convenir

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0 días corridos
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  • Definidos en la descripción


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