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Proyecto #843459: Online Sales & Secretary for Online Business Owner


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Hello, I am an online entrepreneur looking for one or two sales and customer service assistants to work from home. Gs. 2,500,000 /month (paid twice a month, or per week if you prefer it) Commissions paid per sale 8AM to 5PM local time Sundays to Fridays
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28/05/2018 03:42
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Finalizado (26/08/2018 03:42)
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Descripción detallada:

Hello, I am an online entrepreneur looking for one or two Spanish and English speaking virtual assistants to help me with tasks involving my online businesses.

This is a full-time position requiring live chat (10 inquiries or less per day) and phone sales (2-3 inquiries or less per day) and customer service support. Other responsibilities include responding to customer inquiries. The volume of traffic on the website (e-commerce store) is low, so expect that there will be tasks in between including internet research, data entry, and online marketing.

I look for someone who has a strong grasp of the English language, though some of the customers are Spanish speaking. A great candidate would be someone who thinks fast, smart, and capable of working independently without supervision.

We need someone who genuinely appreciates making a connection with the customer and provide a service that people would remember and patronize. A good fit would be someone who has had experience working in a call center, or held a similar customer service or sales position. I am open to hire a working student, or someone who has no experience, as long as willing to learn and committed to success.


Gs. 2,500,000 per month, paid bi-weekly (twice a month, or per week if you prefer it)
Commissions paid per sale

Work schedule:

8AM to 5PM local time
Sundays to Fridays (Sunday is the first day, ending on the Friday)

Good internet (Please let me know your internet speed at home)
Android or iPhone (so you won't have to take calls on the computer, and pick it up from your phone - you will download an app to be connected to our phone system. You can use your phone as normal as long as it's not ringing or you're on a call with a customer) with earphones or headset
Preference to a Mac user
Knowledge of Gmail

Again, this is best-suited for someone who wants a real online job. Tenure means an increase in compensation and bonuses paid.

Condiciones de pago

Hasta 2.500.000,00 PYG (441,15 USD)
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Definida en la descripción
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  • A convenir,
  • Transferencia bancaria

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0 días corridos
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  • Definidos en la descripción


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