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Proyecto #845730: SEO Manager / Online Marketer - Remote Work


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Información del proyecto

ScaleLab is looking for a new worker to join our team by adding to our company a new asset to our marketing/development group.
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18/06/2018 15:30
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Finalizado (16/09/2018 15:30)
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Descripción detallada:

Dear Applicants;

we are looking for a long-term relationship with a new Marketing Manager that will learn how to manage many projects, with dozens of multiple contractors, executing marketing campaigns from conception to reality!

The position will take you deep into conversion optimization/marketing (research, wireframing, design, development, launch, campaign execution and more). You will learn (in not already) how to make websites truly work in all aspects of the online game.

=== Job Responsibilities ===

A large portion of the responsibilities will be taught/shown. The most important requirement is having experience in marketing management and knowledge of SEO and conversion optimization.

- Managing a variety of third-party contractors (mainly Upwork + direct work)

- Writing detailed work/task descriptions for contractors

- Managing result

- Managing copywriting

- Managing: SEO text, content marketing copy, selling copy, meta descriptions, press releases and more

- Managing Website Projects from zero to launch (research, wireframing, design, templates, micromanaging design when required, marketing research, client/project input, and more)

- Managing blogs on various properties

- Content planning on those blogs / conversion aspects / opt-in, CRM, etc

- Marketing research

- Managing marketing research from the ground up for new sites, identifying features/benefits of direct competition and other non-related industries, which can be used on the new project.

- Manage website development: working directly with a developer, giving change specifications, etc

- Website testing, ensuring the site performs on all platforms/devices.

- Catch problems and send them to the developer for corrections.

- Hosting / Admin management

- Keeping logins, ensuring bills are paid on time and accounted for

- Keeping records of costs

- Organize jobs developers, Excel script writers (will teach if needed)

- create macros/descriptions for the various data analysis needs

- Keyword research

- Will be taught advanced techniques, including the custom creation of scripts using a developer.

- Domain Research Selection for SEO

- Will be taught advanced techniques

=== Qualifications / Experience ===

- Fluent in English

- Marketing Background: directly managed marketing campaigns or assisted on a deep level

- Working Knowledge of HTML / CSS is an asset

- Conversion expertise is a huge asset

- SEO basics (on-site) is an asset (track record of basic SEO management)

- ability to manage a large number of remote contractors for several projects

- advanced use of Excel/spreadsheets

=== Job Advantages / How to Apply / Salary ===

- Work on your own schedule (several hours overlap with EST timezone is required)

- Paid 10 days vacation + national holidays

- Nice company laptop (after 12 months of employment)


Looking Forward to Hearing You!

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Hasta 1.500,00 USD
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Definida en la descripción
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  • A convenir

Condiciones de entrega

Tiempo de entrega:
30 días corridos
Métodos de entrega:
  • Definidos en la descripción


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