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I need a customer operations manager

We are hiring an interested Customer Operations Manager who is looking for the right and legit way to supplement your earnings while working from home. Working with us will enable you to advance your career professionally and take up professional courses/tasks that will be sponsored b the company. In this role, you’ll be acting as a liaison between customers and our company, assisting with the recovery of overdue payments from delinquent clients and satisfy customer complaints needs through transparent communication. This position is opened to a full-time, part-time role and work remotely in your own time zone.


!. Take incoming calls from clients and listen to concerns, complaints, and questions carefully.

!.Identifying accounts with overdue payments and keeping records of the amount owed and the length of the delinquency.

!. Locating debtors and contacting them via phone or email to address their overdue payments and determine the reason for the outstanding debt.

!. Communicating with the sales and accounting department to maintain accurate and updated information on client accounts and payments.

!. Contacting customers to inform on delinquency, encourage on-time payments, and set up payment plans that can facilitate good credit.

!. Reviewing records for accuracy and handling disputes to make sure that account information is entered and maintained appropriately.

!. Contact clients about unpaid or overdue accounts, and attempt to collect or make the appropriate payment arrangements; update account information if a payment is made.

Job Requirements:

!. Strong communication and problem-solving skills

!. Ability to multitask and regularly respond to emails

!. High school diploma or equivalent

!. Conflict resolution and de-escalation skills

!. Comfortable sitting and speaking for long periods of time

!. Must be 25 years of age or older.

!. Must be proficient with basic PC skills.

!. Must have an internet connection.

!. Basic English written language.

!. Basic English spoken language.

!. Computer with internet access and respond to emails in a timely manner.

!. A quiet working area away from distractions and follow the company’s instructions.

!. Must be able to work independently and get the job done.

!. Desire to learn skills to successfully work from home

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PamelaYdiart Argentina


Mi objetivo es encontrar un proyecto en el que pueda seguir aprendiendo, ser parte, aportar mis conocimientos y ayudar a que siga creciendo.

My goal is to find a project in which I can continue learning, contribute my knowledge and be a part of the growth of the project.

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Antero Estonia

-Consultor para Proyectos Gubernamentales y de índole empresarial en el sector de La Agroindustria.
-Redacción de artículos de índole comercial-publicitaria, científica, narrativa, creación de guiones y estructura, para spots radiales.
-Experiencia en manejo de incidencias , negociación a todo nivel, firmas de contrato, gestión de proyectos.
-Experiencia en radio, creación de estructuras y voz para spots radiales.

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Niger Admin Santiago, Chile.

Soy Técnico de Nivel Superior en Administración de Empresas con mención en Recursos Humanos.
Actualmente cursando último año de Ingeniería en Administración de Empresas.
Tengo más de 15 años de experiencia en atención al público y resolución de problemas. Responsabilidad, puntualidad, liderazgo, supervisión y excelencia de trabajo como pilares fundamentales.
Tengo dominio de inglés: intermedio-avanzado.
Alta experiencia en redacción y revisión de ortografía en textos en español.

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